Saad Malik

Saad Malik

Off-site Counsellor

Currently enrolled at Princeton University, USA and working as an off-site counsellor with Ad Astra.

I am a Sophomore at Princeton University studying Computer Science, with a strong passion for teaching, mentorship and education. 

It is my pleasure to work with the AdAstra in making access to quality college education easier for Pakistani students. In my role as an Off-site Guidance Counselor , I look forward to working with students in reflecting their ambitions and individual personalities in their College Applications. Specifically, I am skilled at instrumentalizing applications (such as the CommonApp and UCAS) to tell a story about the student (you!) and helping empower students to compete with applicants from across the globe. 

I have mentored and taught students assuming various roles (Tutor, Debate Team Coach, Application Counselor, SAT prep coach) both formally and informally; it makes me very happy to learn about the educational goals and big-picture targets of the bright minds I work with. I invest heavily in my mentees by strategizing our approach towards the application process in a way that we have space, time and energy to exceed our goals and expectations, and re-imagine our limits and boundaries!

At AdAstra, we look to set the standard for what a competitive application looks like and guarantee that our students, very importantly, are able to continue to compete, grow and learn throughout their college experience. I look forward to working  with you 🙂