Our goal at Ad Astra is to cater to students without becoming a financial burden on them. Not only do we want to offer ethical college counselling, but we want to offer affordable college counselling, a service that can reach out to everyone in society. Keeping this in mind, the average client can expect to pay 3.5 lacs for the entire duration of the counselling process. Our rates are financially tailored according to the financial status of the student, and how much they are able to pay. We strongly feel that no deserving student should be deprived of the opportunity to study at a top tier university abroad just because they are not in a position to pay ridiculous fees charged by other services. In these instances, we offer a merit scholarship on a case to case basis after careful evaluation. The number of students we choose will vary each month, but they will be chosen by us based on a rigorously administered merit policy. So come along to our office, or give us a call, and we’re sure we can find the perfect financial package for you!

We strive to get our students in the best possible college that we can, and if we fail to get you enrolled at any college, we promise to counsell you the following year for free.

NOTE: The Ad Astra team would like to make it clear that we do not produce essays from scratch for you, we do not upload school transcripts and/or expected grades and we do not produce counselor’s recommendations. We believe these practices contribute to unethical endeavors and we, therefore, strictly abstain from them.