Iman Iftikhar

Iman Iftikhar

Off-site Counsellor

Currently enrolled at Yale University, New Haven City and working as an off-site counsellor with Ad Astra.

Hello! I am Iman Iftikhar, a first year at Yale University, the heart of New Haven City. (We have a beach, amazing hiking trails and all four seasons!) Starting this semester, I’ll be an offshore counsellor with Ad Astra, helping seniors and rising seniors with college applications to the US!

As far as introducing myself goes, my major is undeclared but I am interested in studying Political science, Biology and Chinese(if any of those interest you too let me know, we can talk!) At college I am looking to join YAY(yogis at Yale), a couple of human rights groups and the dance collective. In high school, I did student government, debate, women-rights based service and theatre(well somewhat). Even though I am at Yale, as you can tell from the aforementioned, I am still figuring things out and testing the waters, which honestly is great because that just means I get to try out more things than everyone else.  So if you are worried about ‘not knowing what you want to be’, send me a message and we can worry together.

Anyways, I am excited to work with you to help edit college essays, polish activity lists or just brainstorm universities. We can also always discuss and exchange good literature!! Happy applications!