Why do you need our guidance?

Why do you need our guidance?

  • You have the chance of a lifetime.

How does crafting exciting new adventures with your friends for 4 years in Boston, or living with some of the most intriguing people in the world in London for 3 years sound like? Cool, right? Throw in a world class education that you can possibly get for free and you’d be barking mad to turn an offer like that down. If you opt to study abroad, you could potentially learn from professors at the forefront of expanding knowledge, study with the brightest students in the world and network with people that will go on to shape the future, all while having the time of your life. Your degree will provide you with international employability. You’ll be set for life.


  • Lets face it- the application process is hard.

You’ll be applying to university right in the middle of the first half of A2. Apart from studying for crucial send up exams, preparing for your SATs, taking time out for debating or acting, attending your cousin’s unavoidable marriage, and trying to remain sane, you’ll have to cope with the intricacies of the Commonapp/UCAS and write several essays. When the going gets tough, it’s wise to get all of the help you can.


  • Where are you going to get that help?

School counsellor? Imagine a person that has to deal with a hundred kids who doesn’t have the slightest inkling of what they’re doing. They’ll be queueing up to beg for a sliver of the counselor’s time; some will make it to the front of the line, most won’t. But even if you do manage to meet your mythical school counselor, do you really think you can spend hours with him when dozens of other students are knocking on the door? Does a school counselor still seem like a good idea? This is where we come in. We provide personalised, one on one sessions, as many as you need, until you press the submit button on your application.

  • Were some of the best counselors around.

At Ad Astra, we have a fantastic team comprised of current students at renowned institutions around the world, headed by Jamal Hussain, a seasoned counselor with years’ worth of experience in college counseling. Over the years he has got dozens of students into colleges including, but not limited to, Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, Cornell, Duke, Vanderbilt and Purdue. Our team has students enrolled at Cambridge and Stanford, just to name two, who will be working closely with you on your application along with Jamal Hussain. Having spent time at their universities, they have talked to admissions officers and attended admission workshops. They know what’s what, and are the best people to give you the latest and most valuable advice that you need. Who could you trust more to get you into your dream school than people who have got into those very schools themselves? Most of our team members were once in exactly the same position you are in today; we understand you.


  • More than one person has your back

We have an advantage that your school counselor and most private counselors don’t – multiple perspectives. When you sign up for Ad Astra, you sign up for the team. Your application will be gone over with several members of the team, to weed out any potential weaknesses. While a flaw might go unnoticed by an individual, it’s nigh on impossible for such cracks to avoid detection by a whole team of dedicated professionals.


  • What about college interviews?

Come on… we’re ready to help you craft a college list from scratch based on your profile, go through the drivel that is the Commonapp with you and craft essays that would impress J.K. Rowling. Did you really think we would leave you high and dry for the interview process? ‘Course not. We’ve got that covered too. In fact, our lead counselor, Muhammad Asadullah Khan, got into Cambridge after getting through, arguably, the most infamous college interview process in the world. He will personally be guiding you through the interview process and debunking the many myths you may have heard about what goes on in the interview room.


  • Sounds like a solid deal. Lets talk money.

Our mission is to ensure that everyone is able to go to the best college possible. We do not just want to work for the well off. We want to work for every deserving student out there, regardless of their socio-economic background. Money should not be an obstacle for you. If you can’t afford our highly competitive pricing plans, fret not. Our financially tailored packages ensure that anyone who deserves the assistance can become a part of our firm.


  • Ill join you guys when im in A2.

You must start building your profile from the moment you start your O levels. Joining Ad Astra early ensures that we provide you with the guidance needed to have a splendid profile come A2. You can’t achieve depth in the relevant extracurriculars, or start preparing for your SAT, or sharpen your application, when you start your final year of A-Levels. This needs to be done from the start.  It’s never too early when it comes to college applications.


It was Sir Jamal who inspired me to apply, encouraged me to believe in myself and go for London School of Economics. My admission in LSE would not have been possible without him. – Ahmed Sarfaraz – London School of Economics Class of 2016

Sir Jamal’s honesty, integrity, friendliness and devotion to work have earned him my highest respect and gratitude. – Sikandar Hanif – Duke University Class of 2019

Above all, Sir Jamal and Taaha served as a source of inspiration, and helped me believe in myself at times when the admissions process seemed insurmountable to me. I truly cannot recommend them highly enough. – Uzair Navid – Stanford University Class of 2019